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All-Natural: Black Soap.

Black Soap

Black soap is one of the best kept secrets of natural and pure beauty. The traditional black soap we carry at our store is directly from the root, Ghana, West Africa. It’s shelf life has no expiration. With no harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives, black soap is ideal because it is an organic product for natural face and body cleansing. Here are a few helpful tips on what black soap is made of and what it’s benefits are.

The Ingredients

Plantain leaves, forest herbs, palm oil, cocoa pods. The main ingredient of plantain skins/leaves provide the soap with its nutrient-rich properties: vitamins A and E, and iron.

The Texture

Do not be surprised that black soap is rubbery to the touch. Like candle wax, it is easy to press and shape and mold, especially when wet. Whether you apply it with your hands or a regular wash cloth, it lathers up just like regular soap.

The Benefits

The soap is ideal for acne-prone skin, whether on your face or your entire body. It can be used to deep clean your pores, for oily skin especially, and for your hair as a natural shampoo. If you experience dryness or tightness, this is considered normal, as long as you follow up with a natural moisturizer. Try shea butter or olive oil -straight, no chaser- to moisturize at night and in the morning.

Do you use black soap?

If you’ve tried it, how does it work for you? If not, come try the powerful benefits of this organic and vegan beauty product. Enjoy!

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