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Moisture in, dryness out.

The South get's chilly too. Shea butter is a natural fix for dry skin due to the fluctuating temperatures this season.

Here in Tampa, when the weather get’s colder, the skin gets ashier. That’s a fact. But the healing properties of natural Shea Butter can alleviate that tension caused by the winter chill.

For us at African Extravaganza, shea butter is a versatile moisturizer for our skin and our hair.

Focusing on the benefits of pure shea butter for skin, vitamins A and E are present, as well as antioxidants found in green tea, according to a National Geographic article. We encourage you to read it to understand the wonderful properties of this natural, African-derived product consists of.

But not just for winter, applying shea butter everyday during the hotter months is a real way to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

If you are in search for a natural moisturizer that doubles as a sunblock and topical treatment for skin ailments like eczema,  look no further than shea butter.  It’s a simple but powerful way to infuse essential vitamins and fatty acids in your body for delicious skin.

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