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New Skool Fresh event in Tampa

“New Skool Fresh

New Skool Fresh: This is grassroot organizing at its freshest.

An old-school approach to encouraging sustainability in the youth of Tampa Bay.

WHERE: Cephas in Ybor, 1701 E 4th ave, Tampa, FL 33605 @6:30pm-9pm

WHAT: Inspire Your Environment (IYE) presents its first community forum night geared towards ecological youth outreach. A time to recognize, celebrate and encourage the freshness of Tampa’s sustainable community and it’s efforts towards the local youth.

The night’s itinerary includes:

1. The Icebreaker 2. The Inspire Your Environment future project line-up 3. Special Community Guest speeches 4. Networking, mingle, food and funky music

WHY: What steps are being taken to provide a sustainable future for Tampa’s youth and how are they getting involved? This night, the green advocates in Tampa target the un-targeted. Come meet people who care about the same things as you.

WHO SHOULD COME: Teachers, mentors, community leaders and advocates, green thinkers, the health conscious, environmental justice advocates, the interested, the passionate, the creative; the ones who want to become involved.

COST: This event is FREE. Green or not, come be inspired. (21+ event) **Food will be available for purchase. Please note it is CASH only y’all.

This is grassroot organizing at its freshest. Hope to see your face in the crowd…

On Facebook, like the Inspire Your Environment page Follow on Twitter: @IYETampa

Thank you for your support!

Questions? Email IYE at

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